Cheers Everyone! 2017 is here

Brand new  year has arrived and I need to say this to myself. I will be doing a lots of things this 2017 and I will do it to the best of my ability. Some of these things are ambitous but of course I always believe that everything will be the will of Allah. If he wills it  definitely I can achieve it.

New Career
I will be starting a new career in few days. I’m excited and full of positive outlook for this new job. This is of course for my family and at the same time for the country.  Yes, guys for the country in general. I will be working in a government office. I know I can be effective as a public servant and at the same time I can learn new things that can be usefull for other people. I’m  expecting it will not be always a smooth sailing all the time as life is full of surprises and some negativity. The good news is that I always believe in going with the flow with life.

I need to pass over the management of our small family business I started years ago to my wife. She will be managing the web hosting business and handling the team. Will be busy training her probably every weekend or after my full time job. I will remain as consultant since its still our family business.

Continue Blogging this 2017
Blogging is simply part of my daily routine. I usually post entry when I wake up or before going to bed. This year I will continue to maintain some blog sites and will be starting a new one. I really want to have a blog that will really take off and can generate income for the family and of course will be useful for others.

Upgrading Programming skills & new security knowledge
Learning new things should not stop even for the older people. I’m always interested to read and learn new things especially in cyber security and continue programming. Javascript is one of it and Im going to continue to master it. Increasing my knowledge in Cybersecurity is a must.

Certifications and other exams
I need to have more certifications this year. That would mean I need to spend more time studying and reviewing. I’m looking forward to pass all of it inshaAllah (If God’s Will).

Strive to be a better person
Since I believe Life should be balance all the time. I cannot just focus on things I listed above. I should also do something spiritual. I decided not to mention here since they said doing good deed should be a secret between you and your maker.

Cheers everyone and have a wonderful year ahead!



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