What programming languages that support Android development?

Learning Android Development #1

Weeks ago I was curious what programming languages that an Android developer  is using. Then I found from the Teach Yourself  Android Application Development in 24 hours book. On that book there is Q & A about the same question.

Q:  What programming languages that support Android development?

Answer :  Java is the only programming language fully supported for Android development. Other languages, such as C++, may be added in the future. Although applications must be Java, C and C++ can be used for certain routines that need higher performance by using the Android NDK. For more information about using the Android NDK, see http://developer.android.com/sdk/ndk.

Let’s learn together…

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I’m going to use this domain as my new Personal Blog Site. It will be my online dairy to save some important things in my life, some information which I want to easily see whenever I need to revisit that information like for example my learning session in programming and some other technology related things. It will be also use for airing personal opinion or comment about other things or share cool stuff I encounter both online and in real life.

So basically that would be all.

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